KB Auto Eesti OÜ

Phone: +372 51 49 918; +372 52 15 342
Fax: +372 656 3672
Address: Kooli 10, Rummu alevik, Vasalemma vald, 76102, Harjumaa, Estonia
E-mail: kbauto@kbauto.ee
Homepage: www.kbauto.ee
KB Auto Eesti OÜ was established in 2007. The main field of business of the company is selling and purchasing transportation and construction equipment and their spare parts. The company is fully Estonian-owned.

In 2010 KB Auto Eesti OÜ purchased property in Rummu village, Vasalemma Rural Municipality, formerly owned by the Ämari Prison.

In 2013, KB Auto Eesti OÜ purchased a Swedish company, Skrotkalle AB. The subsidiary is active in the same field of business and owns another company, Kalles Bil As, in Norway. In 2013, KB Auto Eesti OÜ acquired 50% ownership in Rummu Invest OÜ, which manages the estates of the former Murru Prison in Rummu village. In the future, it is planned to transform the territory of the Murru Prison into an industrial and logistics park.

The turnover of the company was 4.2 million euro at the end of 2013.

At the end of 2014, the company employed 35 people, the turnover was 7.6 million euro and we handled more than 800 lorries and buses.

In addition to Estonia, KB Auto Eesti OÜ obtains machines from Scandinavia, mainly from Norway, Sweden and Finland. The machines are then sold to Western Europe as well as South America and the Middle East.

The goal of KB Auto Eesti OÜ is to offer our clients a wide selection of transportation and construction equipment and their spare parts. We always try to find the suitable solution with the best price/performance ratio.


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