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Type: bus, commercial vehicle, passenger car
  • Renault Trafic 2.0 84 kW (05.2006 - 03.2014)

Technical specs

Designation / description
Designation Used spare parts

Bundled parts

Air and cooling systems
Cabin heating Parts
Radiators and components Parts
Thermostats Parts
Ventilators Parts
Body and components
Bodies Parts
Body front and rear wings Parts
Bumpers Parts
Doors Parts
Grilles Parts
Hoods Parts
Luggage hatches Parts
Mirrors Parts
Roofs Parts
Sunroofs Parts
Brake systems
ABS system parts Parts
Brake boosters and pumps Parts
Brake calipers Parts
Brake cylinders Parts
Brake drums and discs Parts
Brake pads Parts
Chassis and suspension
Axle beams Parts
Axles Parts
Ball joints Parts
Bushings Parts
Control arms Parts
Differentials Parts
Pintles Parts
Shock absorbers Parts
Springs Parts
Wheel bearings Parts
Cardan shafts Parts
Clutch covers Parts
Clutch cylinders Parts
Clutch disks Parts
Drive axles Parts
Driveshaft bushings Parts
Driveshaft flex discs Parts
Driveshaft U-Joints Parts
Gearboxes Parts
Electric systems
Adapters Parts
Alternator components Parts
Alternators Parts
Battery accessories Parts
Coils Parts
Distributors Parts
Fuses Parts
Ignition system components Parts
Relays +
Starter components Parts
Starters Parts
Switches Parts
Wiring Parts
Wrappings Parts
Accessories / other Parts
Engines and components
Bearings Parts
Belts Parts
Block heaters Parts
Blocks Parts
Camshafts Parts
Carburetors Parts
Connecting rods Parts
Crankshafts and component Parts
Cylinder heads Parts
Engine mounts Parts
Engines Parts
Flywheels Parts
Idlers Parts
Main bearings Parts
Oil cooling radiators Parts
Oil filters Parts
Oil pan protectors Parts
Oil pans Parts
Oil pumps Parts
Pistons and rings Parts
Seals Parts
Superchargers Parts
Turbos Parts
Vacuum barrels Parts
Valve covers Parts
Valves Parts
Exhaust systems
Catalytic converters Parts
Exhaust manifolds Parts
Mufflers Parts
Fuel systems
Fuel distributors Parts
Fuel injectors and fuel injector nozzles Parts
Fuel pumps Parts
Fuel tank sensors Parts
Fuel tanks Parts
Gauges and accessories
Fuel indicators Parts
Speedometers Parts
Tachometers Parts
Dashboards Parts
Lights and bulbs
Lights Parts
Security and safety systems
Airbags Parts
Central locks Parts
Immobilizers Parts
Steering systems components
Power steering Parts
Steering box Parts
Steering cardans Parts
Steering rods Parts
Steering wheels Parts
Body windows Parts
Door windows Parts
Rear windows Parts
Windshields Parts

Other information

If you have any questions, feel free to write, write and whatsapp. I speak Russian and English. We are located in Riga, but if necessary, you can talk about delivering parts to you. Safely write and call. You can also talk about delivering parts to Finland

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