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Suits vehicles

Type: communal machinery, racing vehicle, forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, water vehicle, mototechnics, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, SUV, passenger car

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Designation Mastiks sisevaha Aerosool 500ml Nigrin

Other information

With special proboscis-like spray nozzle for hard-to-reach areas
Protects vehicle cavities against rust, such as doors, wings and boot tops:
repels moisture and halts rust
excellent penetrative properties
builds a permanently elastic protective wax layer
permanently seals hard-to-reach vehicle parts
NIGRIN Cavity Preservative is a permanently elastic specialist combination of waxes and de-rusting agents. It is ideally suited for protecting vehicle cavities against rust, such as doors, fenders and boot tops. NIGRIN Cavity Preservative repels moisture and prevents rust. Due to its excellent penetrative properties and proboscis-like spray nozzle, it enters even hard-to-reach vehicle parts and permanently seals them. NIGRIN Cavity Preservative helps preserve your vehicle’s long-term value. Shake can well before use. Insert spray nozzle into vehicle cavities, such as doors, rocker panels, tie-bars, hemmings and struts, as well as engine bonnets and boot tops, and spray. After use, hold can upside down and spray until the valve is empty (to guarantee reusability). Note: Use at least 15°C. Repeat application every 36 months. Disposal: Dispose of this product and its container at a hazardous or special waste collection point. Dispose of the container only when it is completely empty.
Osta toode

Location: Estonia



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