Launch CRP MOT III Diagnostikaseade

Product is new
Manual yes
Warranty yes
Quantity (pieces) 1
Price EUR 800 / piece
VAT 0%
Bargain price EUR 660.31 / piece
VAT 0%
25EUR/ month
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Suits vehicles

Type: racing vehicle, communal machinery, forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, autocaravan, water vehicle, mototechnics, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, SUV, passenger car

Technical specs

Designation / description
Designation Launch CRP MOT III Diagnostikaseade
Description Сканер для диагностики Launch CrpMot III

Other information

Diagnostic equipment Launch CRP MOT III with professional functions, official warranty and free software updates.

NEW model of year 2020!


- Official European version (CRP MOT III) developed in Germany, 100% original
- Warranty and technical support from official distributor
- Licensed software with updates and subscription in the future
- The best among analogues of this class in terms of price-quality-functionality ratio
- A multi-touch, tablet-style capacitor screen for quick, smooth use
- Powerful and protected Android based tablet PC
- Portable size makes it easy to use and transport
- Update diagnostic programs over Wi-Fi (One Click Update)
- Diagnostic trouble code searching and translating on the Internet
- Wireless DBScar connector

Diagnostic features:

- Cover more than 50 vehicle brands
- Full system coverage
- Automatic VIN identification
- Read trouble codes with definition and detailed information
- Delete trouble codes
- View live data stream (in digital and graphical form)
- Oil (service / maintenance) reset
- DPF regeneration
- Battery reset (programming / replacement function)
- Brake reset (brake pads replacement function)
- Bleeding the brake system
- Injector reset / coding
- Immobilizer coding / matching
- Tyre pressure monitoring reset
- Automatic transmission adaptation reset
- Adaptive front lighting system reset
- Suspension calibration
- Electronic throttle matching / relearn
- SAS (steering angle sensor) calibration and other
- Built-in help function
- Fully Independent; convenient and compact
- One-click upgrade through Internet (Wi-Fi)
- Diagnostic reports and test results
- Diagnostic feedback
- Multi language support: English, German, Russian and others
- Other functions

Special price:

- 640,50 EUR without VAT
- 775,00 EUR with VAT

(Standard price: 849,00 EUR)

For more information please check our website or please contact us anytime, we will be glad to assist you.

Product page:

Official and exclusive Launch distributor in Latvia and Estonia, Diagtools LTD.

Location: Tallinn, Estonia


Installment sum:
660 €
100 €660 €
4 months36 months
25EUR/ month
Down payment 0 EUR
Contract fee 0 EUR