Chipsi Häälestamine KESS V2 ALIENTECH

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Designation Chipsi häälestamine KESS v2 ALIENTECH
Description Chip tuning KESS v2 ALIENTECH

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Chip tuning KESS v2 ALIENTECH

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KESSv2 Master is a universal flasher from Alientech that provides the ability to work with the computer directly through the OBD-II diagnostic socket. The device supports all major protocols: CAN, J1850, K-Line, which allows programming of a large number of control units installed on cars, motorcycles, trucks, trucks and special equipment. KESSv2 is easy to use and provides secure programming of blocks.
To develop the KESSv2 professional flashcard, Alientech has attracted a team of engineers and programmers who have created an entirely new safe tool, the logical development of the Kess / Powergate range of products, and an excellent addition to K-TAG, along with a professional multifunctional suite for solving the most challenging tasks.
Using KESSv2 is really easy, fast and convenient thanks to modern software. Receiving updates and instructions, identifying and connecting to the computer, reading and writing of the firmware will not cause any difficulties.
The world of chip tuning is not limited to cars and motorcycles. Commercial equipment has great potential. Engines for trucks, special vehicles and agricultural machines can work better in terms of power and economic performance.

Location: Lithuania