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Suits vehicles

Type: communal machinery, racing vehicle, forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, water vehicle, mototechnics, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, SUV, passenger car

Technical specs

Designation / description
Designation Leotuspesu Delta Force 5l

Other information

effective agent motor vehicles, haagiste, boats, aiatraktorite, lawn mowers etc for cleaning; oil- and määrdeainejääkide for removal from engine, šassiilt and kettidelt. soak wash: Lahjendage agent with water ratio 1:2 ( engine flush or very stained surface cleaning) up to 1:6 ( common car wash). spray lahjendatud agent cleaned surface, let to act 2-5 minutes if necessary use pesuharja or - with sponge. rinse with pressure washer or plenty with water. pressure wash: cold with water while washing pour agent survepesuseadme detergendipaaki without dilution, kuumaveepesu korral lahjendage it eelnavalt with water ratio 1:2. Eellahjendusaste oleneb water karedusest and määrdumuse tüübist. final lahjendusaste sprayer otsikul may to be in the range of 1:50 (külmpesu) up to 1:400 (kuumpesu). car pesemist alustage body alaosast and liikuge horisontaalsete movements ülespoole. NB! don't use liiga concentrated pesulahust! don't let vahendil puhastataval surface to dry, this may leave stains. rinse Washed surface always thoroughly ohtra cold with water. hot ilmaga it is is recommended surface before cleaning cold with water cool down. fully biodegradable according to EL standads. doesn't damage paint, metal- neither plastmassdetaile. pH-13.2. Caution. Põhjustab rasket nahasöövitust and silmakahjustusi. doctor pöördudes võtta kaasa Product package or etikett. to keep for children unreachable. before using tutvuda etiketil oleva infoga. vapor/pihustatud agent not in hingata. to the skin ( or juustele) SATTUMISE KORRAL: võtta viivitamata all contaminated rõivad seljast. rinse nahka with water / rinse duši all. eyelet SATTUMISE KORRAL: rinse several minutes carefully with water. to remove kontaktläätsed, kui neid is used and kui neid on light to remove. rinse veel kord. Võtta viivitamata ühendust MÜRGISTUSTEABEKESKUSE or arstiga. to keep lukustatult. content/ tank kõrvaldada according to kohalikele eeskirjadele. contains:

Location: Estonia



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