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Price EUR 3.75 / piece
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Suits vehicles

Type: communal machinery, racing vehicle, forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, water vehicle, mototechnics, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, SUV, passenger car

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Designation / description
Designation Auto shampoon karnauubavahaga, kontsentraat 300ml

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color and lacquer surface are protective layers on metal surfaces. In time emerging color and to the lacquer surfaces microcracks through which agressive substances access metal. So appears corrosion which damages paint surfaces and metal. therefore It is recommended to wash from time to time car. best would be if you use waxes and shampoos. Smart Wash & Wax is high-tech composition. washes car body perfectly clean and protects polymer protective layer up to next wash. gives to a car body protection against ultraviolett radiation . during the winter salt and ice have no way to to damage color surface.
Osta toode

Location: Estonia



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