Kere Sirgendamine Stand

Product is new
Manual yes
Warranty yes
Quantity (pieces) 2
Price EUR 4400 / piece
VAT 0%

Suits vehicles

Suits all vehicles

Technical specs

Designation / description
Designation Kere sirgendamine stand
Description Autobot Micro B

Other information

Body straightening stand Autobot Micro B

Price without VAT: 4,400.00 €
Price includes VAT: 5,324.00 €

Manufacturer: Autorobot, Finland; Warranty: 12 months

Bike Micro B is a professional body straightening stand designed for easy preparation and quick straightening. Due to its low cost, this equipment is a good investment for any service. Micro B is particularly suitable for small services with limited space.
Car fixing is a fescue using the Micro B booth. Its simple design and fast preparation for work are ideal for body repair services as an additional stand. With this equipment you can quickly repair minor and medium damage.
Extremely fast, single-screw body fittings are standardized with Micro B. These fittings are designed for use with cars equipped with compressed beam joints. There are additional accessory sets with fittings for full-body vehicles and vehicles without compressed joints.
Micro B tensioning and fastening parts are freely used with other car bumpers, which can then save money by upgrading your equipment with larger car bumpers.

Technical characteristics:
- Extremely fast car attachment with single-screw body clamps;
- Easily adjustable tension in any direction (up, down, side);
- Smart design facilitates user work;
- A stretching tower swiveling 180 degrees from the locking center;
- Lower tensioner wheel;
- Extension of the pulling tower is ordered separately.

Technical information:
- Max. Supported car weight: 2720 kg;
- Tensile strength: ~ 10 tons;
- Required air pressure source;
- Required free space: 4.0 x 5.5 m;
- Weight: 380 kg.

2. Body clamps 2 pcs .;
3. Trampling tower;
4. Chain 2.5 m;
5. Wrench;
6. Auxiliary kit (with spanner);
7. Ramps 4pcs .;
8. 10 tons of hydraulics (cylinder + pump);
9. Supports 2 pcs.

Location: Lithuania