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Type: racing vehicle, communal machinery, forest machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, water vehicle, mototechnics, truck, bus, commercial vehicle, SUV, passenger car

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Designation Jahutussüsteemi läbipesu 7 min. 325ml

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concentrated composition cleans for sure cooling sytem from scale, grease type depositions, rust..
prevents areas heating up (local heating of the cylinderwalls) restores engine coolant circulation through clogged radiator pipes and increases therefore efficiency 50-70%, reduces engine overheating probability in traffic jams. prevents pump seals breakage contains active components, which retain their ability to work with long period of time due to impermeable metal jar.
It is recommended to change engine coolant after each 2-3 year. if engine water pump, radiators or in area of thermostat is noticable bright spots ( which indicates to a cooling sytem leaks), then it is immediately recommended to use cooling sytem repair HG9025 or HG9029.
don't ever open radiators caps on a hot engine, it is dangerous!
use: start interior heating. start engine and warm up it , by removing prior radiators cap. don't engine let engine to be too hot! switch engine off, let engine coolant fully out from system out and pour in clean water. pour substance into the radiator, close radiators cap. start engine and let to work at idle speed and average revs 7-10 minutes. Stop engine, wait 2-3 minutes, be sure that , in cooling system is not excessive pressure (squeeze radiators upper hose). let water out radiators emptying cork. wash cooling system through with water, until you are sure , outgoing water is completely clean. Fill system with new coolant, following manufacturers instructions.
packing intended to to the cooling system with capacity 10-22 liters.
Osta toode

Location: Estonia



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